Create a brand identity for a non-profit organization that brings music, education, and appreciation to underprivileged inner-city youth.

Create an identity system that evolves to speak to specifically different audiences in a unified but wholey differing voice. In understanding the goal of the organization, the intended audience for RFK's efforts, and the financial needs of such an effort, a 3-part strategy was developed for the identity. This allowed for a single system to speak to three audiences in a different voice, each catered to how they engage with RFK: 1- Public Facing and promotional; 2- Donors and Volunteers; 3- The Children

Phase 1: This primary mark identifies the organization using playful stencil type paired with iconic visual for music. Used in public-facing branding and promotional partnerships for venues and events where students actually perform.

Phase 2: A secondary system incorporating more human-centered focus, speaking more directly to philanthropists and fundraisers.

Phase 3: Expansion of system to include new areas of interest for target audience — further engage the children RFK seeks to help.

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